Quang Binh is one of province is well known of charming landscape of mountain and sea in the North area. Throughout this article, I think you know more Quang Binh Province (Tỉnh Quảng Bình) as well as About Vietnam. Located in North-Central Vietnam, Quang Binh Province is surrounded by Ha Tinh Province on the north, East Sea on the east, Laos on the west and Quang Tri Province on the south.
The provincial topography is narrow and sloping from the west to the east. The area is divided into specific geological zones: mountainous, hilly and midland, lowland, coastal sandy area. The seaside stretches 116km with large Gianh and Nhat Le ports.

Quang Binh belongs to the monsoon-tropical zone. The climate is divided into two seasons. Rainy season lasts from September to March next year. The annual average rainfall is 2,000-2,300mm. Heavy rains concentrate in September, October and November. Dry season lasts from April to August. Annual average degree is 24C-26C. 


It is famous for many charming landscape of mountain and sea. The coast is dotted with blue water, yellow sand beaches that sparkle under forests of green willow trees. 

Every year, Quang Binh attracts a big number of tourists coming to exciting landscapes such as Phong Nha, Tien Son caves, primitive forest in Phong Nha - Ke Bang reserve, Nhat Le, Da Nhay beaches, Bang Mineral Hot Spring, etc. Among of them, Phong Nha?- Ke Bang National Park has been recognized as the World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003. 
In addition of these, Quang Binh has preserved objects from Bau Tro Remains, Hoa Binh and Dong Son culture as well as historical relics like Quang Binh Gate, Luy Thay, Rao Sen. Many places related two resistance wars name Cu Nam, Canh Duong, Cha Lo, Cong Troi, Xuan Son, Long Dai and Ho Chi Minh Trail. 

Finest flour rice spaghetti (Bánh Canh Bột Lọc) is the local specialty food there. You may know the finest flour of Hue, it is one of the Best Vietnamese Food which come from Hue and well known in Vietnam. In Quang Binh, the local residents combine this best food with rice spaghetti which is Vietnamese popular food. This combination is really luscious; I enjoyed two bowls at the first eating. It is really awesome. 

Bánh Canh Bột Lọc
From Vietnamese Food Team.


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